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Vote: Where is the best place to get ice cream in Massachusetts?

Let us know where you go for a scoop of the cold dessert.

Ice cream
Tell us where you go for the best ice cream in Massachusetts. Photo by David Malosh for The New York Times

As we find ourselves in the middle of hot July days, it’s time to turn to the topic that’s on everyone’s mind: ice cream. Whether you’re at the beach, picking up a cone of your favorite flavor, or strolling along Newbury Street, looking for something frozen and refreshing, there are places all over Massachusetts to get the treat. We want to hear all of your recommendations for where to go.

Last year, we asked you for the best ice cream parlors in Boston, Cambridge and Somerville, and Cape Cod. In Boston, you named J.P. Licks as your favorite destination, lauding the brownie sundae. When it comes to Cambridge and Somerville, you picked New City Microcreamery, known for the smooth texture of their scoops. And in Cape Cod, you voted for Sundae School Ice Cream, where they serve coffee Oreo and pistachio, made with real nuts. We’re putting this question to you again, and we want to see if your take on ice cream has changed.


Vote in the poll below for your favorite spots to get ice cream in the three different regions. Tell us what you order and what makes the experience so special. Fill out our survey below or e-mail us at [email protected]. We may feature your response in a future article or on social media channels.