Reports: Celtics are ‘making progress’ as they negotiate Jaylen Brown extension in Las Vegas

There's still work to be done, but the Celtics appear to be closer to retaining Brown.

Jaylen Brown. Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images

The Celtics are negotiating with Jaylen Brown in Las Vegas this week and have made progress toward reaching a deal on an extension, according to multiple reports

Jared Weiss of The Athletic reports that the Celtics and Brown are getting closer to making a deal “over the coming week.”

Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe wrote that the two sides had a continued dialogue over the weekend, but have not yet closed the deal.

“League sources said that there is confidence and hope that an agreement will be reached soon,” Himmelsbach wrote. “But it’s unclear how far they are from the finish line. One league source said that ‘there is work to be done.'”


According to Himmelsbach, the Celtics are offering Brown a five-year supermax contract but still have details to straighten out before the deal is signed.

A former league executive told Himmelsbach that a fifth-year player option and a no-trade clause are likely sticking points of the negotiation.

Jayson Tatum received a fifth-year player option in the contract he signed with Boston last summer, and Brown views himself as an “equal” with Tatum, Himmelsbach noted.

A no-trade clause would be far less likely. According to The Athletic, only 10 players in NBA history have ever received a “true” no-trade clause.

The deadline for Brown and the Celtics to reach an extension isn’t until October, but it appears both sides are interested in talking and moving things forward. NBA transactions tend to slow down after Summer League ends, Himmelsbach wrote, and if a deal isn’t reached the sides could resume talks this fall.